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Its called the Death Waltz, and was written as a joke but people have attempted it on piano.

Saxes move downstage.

I’ll just leave this here.


the added directions are great.
'insert peanuts'
'gradually become irritated'
'cresc., or not'
'untie slip knot'
'bow real fast, slippage may occur'

"like a dirigible"

"release the penguins"

"remove cattle from stage"

"rests are imaginary"

I need to reblog this because holy crap this is awesome.

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Halloween flamingos from Florida

Oh my god I need one of these :|

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Holy Fluff, Its some art!

Did this for a contest on Wajas.

(Please click here for a bigger version)

I’m more of a traditional artist, but my supplies are still locked away and I can’t get to them yet -.-    It was fun exercise to get me more into art again, and I enjoyed doing the background more this time around!

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suuuppeeer long post =7=)

kitty!misaki wants to play~


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*94 new posts on Tumblr*


True story.

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I moved in with my mother recently…. and no joke, she has 5 channels on good non-rainy days.  Very unfortunate for me, she doesn’t get the channel that the Ellen DeGeneres Show is on. Let me explain to you how much this truly is a tragedy for me.

Everyday, I would watch her show.  I would especially love watching on my days when I had dialysis, because she always makes me laugh really hard.  The nurses and techs would come by and be like “What are you laughing so hard about?”  Pretty soon it became “Oh, Ellen must be on!”  I’d always share Classic Joke Wednesday with them too.

I can’t watch Ellen at Dialysis anymore because its a different chair time than my last. So despite of the bazillions of channels, I get nearly everything but Ellen. Sad.

I miss you, Ellen ;.;!! 

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My mom calls her tortie cat, Ewok,  “plaid colored”.

I guess that would make her a …..Plaid-i-puss.

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HOMG look, artwork! Hopefully I’ll be posting more of this.

Dialysis Doodles.  Ink and cheap marker on colored paper.

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So there’s a Japanese slang term, ‘chuunibyou’, that roughly translates to “Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome.” It is used to describe the stupid phases people go through when they are 14, like pretend to be really hardcore, act like they know everything, say they have mystical powers, etc.

I’m so happy this term exists.

In English we call it “Sophomore”, which means “wise fool”.

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Ah, I see they finally found the pizza you left them, Leo.



Ah, I see they finally found the pizza you left them, Leo.